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Which product to buy - to cure condensation and improve air quality? Depends on the problem area/s and the type of house.

BUNGALOW We recommend the DRI-ECO-HEAT_HC in the hall ceiling. It offers comfort when the incoming air is cool in winter. Without the small heat element the hall can be chilly. 

HOUSES   You have many choices from Delux to standard :-
  • DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC +4S The very best PIV with the added feature of a WiFi switch to control on/off, boost and the heat element remotely.
  • DRI-ECO-HEAT_HC This is, in our opinion the best PIV on the market today
  • SANO iPIV LOFT "Intelligent" PIV offering solar gain - when the roof gets warm it boosts fan pushing more solar heated air into the house - free heat. Controls are in the  loft
  • DRI-ECO-LINK-HC A PIV to which you can add 2S switch to boost the fan at will
  • DRI-ECO-HC This basic model works just as well as any DRI-ECO model to cure condensation by introducing filtered, dry air from the loft to dry the house. Controls on diffuser in ceiling.
  • DRI-ECO-LC Landlords choice! A PIV for rented properties - the controls can only be accessed from the roof. Set up and lock the roof to deter tampering.
FLAT or APARTMENT with no LOFT Space
FLATMASTER 2000 (L or R). Whole flat PIV through a 100mm hole in the wall. No solar gain as the air comes direct from outside. For this reason we only stock the heat model that can temper cool air in winter. L or R denotes which end the air discharges into the flat. IMPORTANT WHEN ORDERING

BEDROOM, STUDY, SPARE ROOM with a damp problem.
MORI HR100. Almost silent ventilation with heat recovery to ensure minimal loss of heat. Perfect solution for curing condensation automatically and cheaply in a bedroom, study or spare room

BATHROOM & KITCHEN both require continuous ventilation.
MORI dMEV Extraction fan for ventilating wet rooms to F1 standard. Whisper quiet and efficient. Continuous gentle air flow to combat high humidity and stop damp entering the house. Just swap this fan for the existing fan and the damp goes away.

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