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The unique DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC incorporates all of the functions of the DRI-ECO-LINK-HC unit but with the benefit of an integral heating element, located between the flexible duct and ceiling diffuser.

This heating component will temper the air which is distributed through the property via the ceiling diffuser, thus ensuring a comfortable living environment. This pioneering design sees the low watt heater (400w) react efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing an economically friendly product.

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Dryhomes have been selling & installing for 30 years.

The Drimaster Heat draws dry/filtered air from the roof void into the home and gently dries the air. 
The damp/stale air is expelled from the building through any air spaces such as cracks in floorboards, letter boxes, doors etc.This has the effect of curing condensation and making for a healthy environment.

In the winter the incoming air can be cool so a heat element is added to temper the air automatically when needed. In a normal home the air mixes at the top of the stairwell but in a bungalow this chill is noticeable.
We always recommend the installation of the Drimaster Heat in BUNGALOWS and as a LUXURY product when used in conventional houses. BEST BUY

Note that the running costs are low. Only about 20% of all the heating bill actually heats the air (the rest heats the building) and only a small % of air is input by a Drimaster - and the air is only tempered if the roof is cold.

A Drimaster would take a competent electrician 2-3 hours to fit - even if he has never seen one before. It can be a DIY job but have the wiring checked after installation.

The drying effect is almost immediate, a few days at the most, but any black mould must be cleaned off once never to return.

Every 5 years the filters need swapping for new.......otherwise leave it alone to dry the home automatically.

GUARANTEE Manufacturers Guarantee of 7 years parts and labour .....we know of machines going strong after 15 years!
Product Condition: New
Brand: Nuaire
weight: 800
Product Code: 1-DRIECOHEATHC


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