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TOP TIP If you think the unit is not working well stop the unit for a day or two and note how quickly the damp problem returns!  It may be set too low......

The machine is running but does not seem to work
  • Are you sure the roof is properly ventilated. Sofit vents are required to maintain the roof timbers in a good condition as well as keeping a good air flow.
  • The machine speed may be set too low. I like to begin at 2 for a bungalow and 4 for a house. This is a good guide. If the effect is not great enough put the power setting up. By starting low you can increase till the correct setting is found.
  • Are you keeping the internal doors ajar most of the time. This is especially important when you go out as it allows air into the remote problem areas.
  • Have you cleaned off the original mould with fungicide or dilute bleach? The machine will not remove the original live mould and staining.
  • Is it particularly cold and damp outside?  Inevitably there will be periods of high humidity outside when even positive pressure cannot cope – but it is still working and improving the air quality
  • Is the problem in a remote room? The excellent results will be in rooms directly off the stair well or hall. The control of remote rooms will be much reduced unless the doors are wide open.
  • If a water tank in the roof is open tape it over with polythene to stop evaporation. This should be done anyway to stop foreign bodies entering the water supply.
  • Make sure no fan is exhausting into the roof!
The machine has stopped running
  • If the roof is hot the unit will switch off - not a fault
  • If there is no light on check that the power supply is on.
  • When a light is showing on the diffuser and the roof is cool and the machine has stopped contact Dryhomes with your invoice number and the reference number fixed to the unit. We will liaise with the maker. email dry@dryhomes.net 
The damp does has come back
  • Check to see if the machine is powered and running.
  • Have any changes been made to the home – double glazing, draught proofing, more people (especially babies), plants and fish tanks…. Etc. each change can affect the humidity.
  • Set the unit to a higher power by pressing the single button. Increase the power one step at a time
  • Contact Dryhomes with your invoice number and the reference number fixed to the unit. We will liaise with the maker. email dry@dryhomes.net 

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