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Are Nuaire Drimasters expensive to run? 
NO. A PIV is up to 10 times cheaper than a dehumidifier to run - and THEY DRY THE WHOLE HOUSE. A standard Drimaster (DRI-ECO-HC) costs pence a week to run and you get free heat from the sun as a bonus. Heat coming up from the house is also recycled. The 'Heat' version (DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC) averages about £1 a week. The Drimaster is designed for a long life at only 12v. 7yr Manufacturers guarantee.

How long does it take to work? 
The machines have an immediate effect. Allow 2-5 days to balance the humidity then longer to dry the whole house out completely. 
Tip: For best results start by setting the machine on low (depends on the severity of the damp and the size of the home) Average 3 bedroom house/average problem initially set speed 3 . Gradually increase the fan speed till the condensation on the windows stops on all but exceptional days. 

Will a Drimaster dry the whole house?
Yes providing all rooms lead off a central stairwell or hall. Remote rooms will also be affected as long as you keep the doors ajar to allow the 'dry' air to circulate.

Is PIV just unproven and novel technology?
Emphatically not. We have been buying Nuaire Drimasters for 30 years and have 1000s of happy customers.
Positive input ventilation was developed in the 1980's in Glasgow to clear gas logged flats - it worked and also eliminated condensation by reducing humidity.
PIV is installed in over 1 million  homes in the UK but it is still widely unknown by the general public who continue to buy dehumidifiers, sponges, insulation, double glazing, anti-fungal paint, mould sprays and magic crystals....

Are Drimasters and fans quiet?
YES.  The latest designs are whisper quiet and the Drimaster is also suspended in the roof to reduce vibration

What happens if the power is switched off?
The damp comes back if left off for a long time …. but after a power cut the machine will self start.

Is my roof is suitable for a PIV?
Is there any daylight?. If not check outside for sofit vents or roof vents - essential to keep the roof aired.  Check no one has covered the sofit vents with insulation. The machine relies on small but constant supply of air into the roof. 

What happens if I go on holiday?
Nothing – all our products are automatic - you come home to a fresh house. This is wonderful if you install the unit in a holiday home where use is intermittent. TIP: Make sure there is always power especially if the electricity is metered. 
Note: if you buy the DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC you can stop the heat element working using a 4S switch to switch it off....but otherwise it keeps running normally
Dryhomes is dedicated to solving condensation problems! 

What about Dehumidifiers ?  Good for controlling condensation in one are - not whole house unless you buy an enormous one. Beware that some are noisy,cost a lot to run
Dessicant dehumidifiers work in cool rooms and are quiet and lighter weight. Spare bedrooms
Compressor dehumidifiers are more noisy, cheaper to run but prefer 10-20C temperatures to be efficient. Lounge.

Are Nuaire Drimasters automatic?
YES. PIV’s are electronically controlled. On hot summer days they switch off.Once installed they need no attention except changing filters every 4-5 years. 

Where does the damp air go?
The damp/stale air escapes via cracks and crevices such as keyholes and letterboxes

How easy is it to control a drimaster?
Once set you just leave the unit alone. If you buy a wi-fi 4S switch you can override the automatic controls at will

How can I tell if it stops working?
The windows will mist up again and the mould returns – people get used to drier homes very quickly and take the PIV unit for granted. 

Why not open a window instead of installing PIV?
Dust, pollen
Noise pollution
Heat loss
Cold draughts will make the home uncomfortable
The insulation quality of double glazing will be nullified
It does not work - try it

Can I still dry clothes on the radiators?
Clothes drying, fish tanks and indoor plants add water and create condensation.  Any self inflicted problems must be matched by an increase in the air movement through the Drimaster controls. Dry clothes out of doors whenever possible – it is very eco-friendly and effective.

What is solar gain?
The air in the roof is warmer than air in the house on most days from March to September. In winter there is little or no solar gain except on sunny days. But two things are worth noting when the air is cool -
Heating air costs about 20% of your total heating bill ( 80% heats walls, floors and roof)
A dry house “feels” warmer at a lower temperature so you can turn down the heat slightly in winter and feel just as warm

What power is needed for a PIV?
The unit is protected by a fuse and any convenient, permanent light circuit in the roof can be used. the fan runs at 12 volts and the transformer is included

Is there any maintenance?
NO. Once installed there is no need to do anything apart for keeping the electric supply on. The machines have a no quibble guarantee for 7 years from the manufacturers. After 3 - 5 years the filters need changing – phone dryhomes.

Will the black mould go away?
No the black mould will have to be cleaned one last time. Wash down and kill it with dilute bleach. Wipe down leather if mouldy The mould will not return when the condensation is under control.

How can I tell if the machine is running?
Has the damp come back? The easy way to tell if the machine is running is to hold a bit of cotton or wool near the diffuser on a broom handle. If it the ceiling is low you can feel the incoming dry air with your hand. NOTE. A Drimaster will switch itself off when the  roof is hot!

Where is the best site for the Drimaster diffuser?
In a normal house the top of the stairwell is best. In bungalows fit one in the hall near the front door so the air has time to temper and mix.

Do I have to open windows?
No – but do keep internal doors ajar whenever possible.... especially when leaving the house.

Are some roofs better than others for Drimasters?
Yes. The bigger the roof the better supply of fresh air is available to your home. Also south facing slopes give more solar gain and this should be considered a bonus. Small roof sloping the wrong way will work if the ventilation is good

Will the machine work in my en-suite beyond the bedroom?
It is highly likely that this room will be improved by the unit but is unlikely to resolve major problems. Showers and bathrooms must be vented. We always specify humidity controlled fans or timed/overrun fans

Can anyone fit a Drimaster?
A competent DIYer can fit a Drimaster in a morning. We recommend that the final connection be done and checked by a competent professional

What will I need to fit a PIV one? 
Plasterboard saw to cut a circular hole in the ceiling. Tape to measure the diffuser site. Pencil. Screwdriver. Drill to fit diffuser screws. Ladder or steps to loft. Light. Electrical screwdriver. Connection box (the fused spur and transformer are included)... 1.5 cable from the transformer to the lighting circuit. Cable clips

Does it comply with Building Regs Part F1?

How can I return a product I do not want?

Returns policy
If you don't want what you ordered or you decided on different model? No problem....
Your purchase must be :-
Returned within 15 days
Returned In their original packaging
Returned in a perfect resalable condition

RETURN PROCESS Contact us using the Contact Page and ask for a RETURN REFERENCE NUMBER to be affixed the outside of the box before sending it back. We cannot accept responsibility for any goods lost in transit so make sure you use recorded delivery or special delivery.
RETURN LABEL:- Dryhomes, The Store, Burton St, Brixham, TQ5 9JA  + Return Number on outside of package

REFUND ON EXCHANGE PRODUCTIf you replaced the item for another PIV model in our shop let us know using the Contact Page. You will receive a full refunded using the original payment method as soon as your returned parcel arrives at our store and has been checked.
REFUND ON RETURNS. I hope you will understand that a full refund is not possible as that would mean Dryhomes suffering a loss without being at fault. The refund will be the full amount you paid less a £20 restocking/ carriage/admin fee. Refunds will be issued using the original payment method as soon as your returned parcel arrives at our store and has been checked.

USED GOODS Used goods are not accepted for return without special arrangements. Use our Contact Page

What do I do if there is a fault?
It is very unlikely that these products will have a fault.
Please call first to discuss any problems.
Note that the machines have sensors and in summer can switch themselves off in warm conditions........this is not a fault!   
Replacing Nuaire faulty goods directly with Nuaire - the FAST/CHEAP option
Please contact Dryhomes to obtain the Nuaire PO Ref. No. CONTACT US

Nuaire policy:-
We will send you a free replacement unit under our warranty agreement with you. We will also arrange collection of the faulty unit free of charge. We allow 30 days for you to replace the unit and confirm the faulty unit is ready for collection. Upon return we will test and diagnose cause of failure.
To process your warranty claim we will require a purchase order number/reference from you which needs to reflect the value of the free replacement unit. Your order will be filed away with your claim.
 If the returned part is tested and proven to have a mechanical or electrical component fault your claim will be accepted and we will not issue an invoice.
 Our invoice will only be issued if:-
It is diagnosed working with no mechanical or electrical component faults.
The part has failed as a result of a site induced issue or is received damaged.
The part is not returned within 30 days from you receiving the free replacement.
You will not receive our invoice without prior notice and will receive our test engineers report detailing the reason for warranty rejection. We will also return the rejected part to you

Replacing faulty goods through Dryhomes. This will cost you the return carriage to Dryhomes.
Please contact Dryhomes to obtain a Returns Note Ref. No. CONTACT US 

Send the product to The Store, Burton St, Brixham, TQ5 9JA.
If faulty we will send you a new replacement. FREE OF CHARGE
If there is no fault you will be invoiced for the cost of returning the  unit to you  

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