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We offer a small range of the very best condensation control products in the UK - all tested on site by Dampco Ltd.

Condensation problems - black moulds, streaming windows, musty smells and poor health - are on the increase for many reasons - higher occupancy levels - increasing fuel costs - changing lifestyles - air tight modern home designs -double glazing - draught proofing.

Help is at hand,........ better automatic ventilation cures condensation problems

PIV - Positive Input Ventilation is the cheapest and most effective way of drying the home.
Here you will find the cheapest, the most cost effective and the best PIVs in  the UK.
 Heat recovery ventilation is very effective for specific areas such as a damp bedroom.
All bathrooms and kitchens need low level constant ventilation and we offer a very good, well made fan from Elta.

Top Tip - Don't buy a dehumidifier - borrow one if you must try it - they are very expensive to run, take up floor space, must be emptied and can be noisy.......they can do some good but only very close to the machine

I have been a damp surveyor for 30 years and am the retired MD of Dampco Ltd.
Since 2007 Dryhomes has been dedicated to promoting better living conditions in the UK by selling products that work at a reasonable price. 

Best wishes for a dry home
Stephen Linley-Shaw

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