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Lifestyle changes can help cure condensation problems
Many homes are very small, air tight and over occupied - that's why there is a problem. You can do nothing about this on....

Whole house
Don't dry clothes inside you home – our top tip... but we know it can be difficult to follow
Tumble drier / Washing machine – use a condensing type – otherwise it must be vented outside
Open windows and doors – on a warm, breezy day it's a great way to dry a soggy home
Never use butane or paraffin heaters – they produce more water than the liquid gas they burn!
Reduce the number & size of houseplants – give a plant water and the plant gives it back
Don't put furniture against a cold outside wall – mould grows on cold surfaces
Remove aquariums which evaporate lots of vapour
Maintaining background heating at low level is better than rapid rises and falls
Leave doors of remote rooms, cupboards and wardrobes ajar to let air and heat circulate
Dry dogs outside if possible
Wet clothes in cloakrooms - leave a window open if possible.

Use lids when boiling vegetables
Consider using a pressure cooker - you get energy savings as well
Mop up water spills so they don't evaporate into the air
Drain sinks and bowls to stop evaporation
Use extractor fan during and 1/2 hour after cooking
Run cooker hood on for 20 minutes after cooking - if it doesn't vent outside this is a waste of time!
Open the kitchen window and keep open 1/2 hour after cooking
Keep inside kitchen door closed during cooking

Shower less often and/or for a shorter time
Bathroom fan – leave the light on to keep it running for 20 minutes after a shower
Bathroom window – leave ajar for half an hour and keep the bathroom door closed after use
Trickle vents in the window frames can help but are not cost effective

Benefits of Self Help
You don't have to buy anything
Each change reduces condensation

Drawbacks to Self Help
It requires the co-operation of the whole family
It's hard to change enough to reduce the humidity to levels (less than 65%RH) to eliminate condensation problems
Opening windows results in uncontrolled heat loss and isn't environmentally friendly... and it's expensive!
It requires sacrifice - most of us don't want to pile on jumpers and live in draughts
Leaving windows/doors open is a security risk
Unlike a PIV system these measures do not greatly reduce air pollution
PIVs use less energy, they are effective, automatic, cheap to run and cure condensation!

What's wrong with dehumidifiers?
Nothing as long as the problem is localised or small.
And you don't mind emptying them.
And you can stand the noise - especially at night when they should be running.
Any you can find a floor space to park it.
And you can live with 10 times the power consumption of a ventilation system or PIV that works.
Nothing at all. ....

Do you stock/promote dehumidifiers?
No. Borrow one for a while and when it does not cure condensation PLEASE re-visit our shop.

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