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DRIMASTER-ECO-HEAT-HC Plus 4S (discounted)
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The Nuaire DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC incorporates all of the functions of the DRI-ECO-LINK-HC unit but with the benefit of an integral heating element, located between the flexible duct and ceiling diffuser.

Why buy a 4S  ( switch) ?
Control heat ON/OFF.  
If you choose to not have the air tempered - go on holiday, enjoy sleeping in the cold, leave a holiday/second home for a while - you can cut the heat instantly. Can be used like the thermostat on your central heating. The 4S reduces the running cost whenever heat is not required
Boost ON/OFF. If you want to increase the airflow - to clear painting fumes, expel smoke from burning toast, force cooking smells out of the kitchen, freshen up empty holiday home - simply press the switch.

NOTE: condensation control will continue just as effectively without the air being tempered
FITTING   Wifi - no wiring - instructions come with each switch.

This heating component will temper the air which is distributed through the property via the ceiling diffuser, thus ensuring a comfortable living environment. This pioneering design sees the low watt heater (400w) react efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing an economically friendly product.

Best prices in the UK
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"Hints & Tips installation guide" included - Save time & avoid pitfalls.
Dryhomes have been selling & installing for 30 years.

The Drimaster Heat draws dry/filtered air from the roof void into the home and gently dries the air. 
The damp/stale air is expelled from the building through any air spaces such as cracks in floorboards, letter boxes, doors etc.This has the effect of curing condensation and making for a healthy environment.

In the winter the incoming air can be cool so a heat element is added to temper the air automatically when needed. In a normal home the air mixes at the top of the stairwell but in a bungalow this chill is noticeable.
We always recommend the installation of the Drimaster Heat in BUNGALOWS and as a LUXURY product when used in conventional houses. BEST BUY

Note that the running costs are low. Only about 20% of all the heating bill actually heats the air (the rest heats the building) and only a small % of air is input by a Drimaster - and the air is only tempered if the roof is cold.

A Drimaster would take a competent electrician 2-3 hours to fit - even if he has never seen one before. It can be a DIY job but have the wiring checked after installation.

The drying effect is almost immediate, a few days at the most, but any black mould must be cleaned off once never to return.

Every 5 years the filters need swapping for new.......otherwise leave it alone to dry the home automatically.

GUARANTEE Manufacturers Guarantee of 7 years parts and labour .....we know of machines going strong after 15 years!
Product Condition: New
Brand: Nuaire
weight: 800


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Marek Swan
It Works
Fitted this myself in only a couple of hours,we live in 3 bed semi very well insulated and suffered from streaming windows and mould in the bedrooms,now after fitting this unit,all windows are dry and damp feeling in bedrooms has gone,one of the best things I've ever bought
Simon J
It really does work...
This will be quite a long in-depth review, but I hope it will point others with similar problems to ours towards fitting one of these units. We'd been experiencing increasingly severe problems since our house (built circa 1896) had been dry-lined and fitted with upvc double glazing...little did we know what was to come from using these modern techniques for getting the house up to todays 'standards'!! First the condensation literally running down the windows every the point where there were puddles on the sill. Then came the mould, then the damp walls, then the constant smell of damp along with mildew on clothes in wardrobes and drawers. It was a nightmare. Clothes were getting ruined, the beds were always cold and felt damp, mildew was growing on our leather furniture in a matter of days after cleaning the last load of growth off. We went through what we thought were the correct channels in getting the problems remedied. Thinking that the dampness had to be entering through the roof or walls we had the outside coatings of the house refreshed, had the roof stripped and re-slated, all new fascias, soffits, guttering etc. 15'000 later the internal problems were exactly the same...but the outside of the house looked fantastic!! After more research whilst rapidly reaching the end of my sensibilities, along with a chance conversation with a very experienced builder and roofer (a shame I hadn't met him prior to spending cash on the exterior that didn't really need it), I found out that the problems of internal condensation in modern or modernised older houses are absolutely rife. We have all changed the draughty old wooden windows for plastic, blocked off or removed the chimneys, hacked off the original wall coatings and replaced with cement renders or dry-lining...all of which adds up to a building that cannot breathe or sweat. We're all so obsessed with stopping draughts entering that we ignore the fact that stale air and moisture cannot escape. After a little more research I purchased this unit from DryHomes. The service was excellent, with my new purchase reaching me within 48hours of ordering. I took me around 4 hours to fit the unit, and that time included running a fused spur electrical feed and a couple of brew-ups along the not exactly difficult or time consuming. Switched it on, sat back and waited... Originally the unit was on setting 2, but after 48 hours it didn't seem to make an awful lot of difference so I bumped it up to 3. Still quiet enough to be barely noticeable even walking directly under the outlet, but having that little extra oomph seemed to do the trick. Within a further 24 hours the condensation on the windows every morning had stopped...even when it's been down to -8 degrees C outside there is barely anything noticeable in the bottom corners on the inside in the morning, whereas previously we had it literally running down the glass and they were impossible to see out until mid morning. The smell of damp disappeared withing a couple more days, the mildew has stopped on our clothes and leather furniture, our beds feel drier and warmer when getting in, and although it has taken 10 to 12 weeks the walls (which in the worst places were quite literally wet during winters) have dried completely and are once more warm to touch. It's miraculous. I have a background in engineering and design, and like to think of myself as fairly bright, but I honestly had no clue as to how much damage could be done to the fabric of a building simply by denying the evacuation of moisture...and just how much moisture we produce. The crazy thing is that Gov't building regulations are only going to accelerate these problems in millions of homes. I have to say that my Nuaire PIV unit is a godsend, and compared to many other remedial routes it's cheap as chips, virtually instant to install and is in no way intrusive. For the first time in at least 5 years I'm actually enjoying my home again.
Maihindro Ballakhan
Good service ad advice
I would like to thank you for your help and advise in enabling me to purchase the DRI-ECO--HEAT-HC+4S. I am most grateful to you for everything,thank you. Kind regards, Ballakhan.
The Elephant in the loft
Every morning we were wiping down windows, had black spot in our bathroom and around the bedroom windows. We were exacerbating the issue with bringing wet logs into the lounge for our log burner and drying washing in doors. We had little pots of crystals on window seals to absorb some of the moisture. Enough was enough! I initially found a review about this product from Which? on their web site and then started doing to my own research. I was very sceptical about this device and the reviews on other sites seemed too good to be true. However I was ready to try anything to stop the moisture in our bungalow. Ordered the DRI-ECO-HEAT, with switch through Dryhomes and it arrived in two days. I fitted the device myself into the loft, which was surprisingly easy and one of my electrician friends took ten minutes from start to finish to wire up. We noticed an improvement after we woke the next morning and after two days of running, we have no condensation or black spot - it works! The air in our bungalow feels drier. Two weeks on and still no condensation, despite very damp and wet weather outside. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product if you have condensation or excessive moisture.

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